Where the Writing's at #1

Hi friends! A quick update on some books and such.


Ratman Deux: Another Fantasy Noir has a story that is in one way or another, almost entirely put to paper. Now that, at least for me, the dust of SPFBO has settled, I've had some time to digest many of points that the finalist round of reviews brought up regarding Chaos. Suffice it to say, I learned an incredible amount, and the Ratman Deux that appears on the horizon will be a leaner, smoother book than Chaos. All of your favorite Venrick and Edwayn moments are still there, but through some inward looking and ongoing editorial effort, we're going faster, hook-ier, and punch-iest? Anyway. I really want to get this into readers' hands, but I don't want to fall into the traps that partially ensnared Chaos. As proof that at least some part of it exists, heres the cover!

That's New Sketlin! I love all of the color, light, shadow.

That's New Sketlin! I love all of the color, light, shadow.

Other things in progress: Seven Deadly Friends (working title... maybe?)—a story about six of the seven deadly sins recruiting an everyman schlub to fulfill his destiny and help them pull off a daring heist against Pride—has a full outline, some character writing, and a number of scenes in early to mid stages complete. I'm very excited to sit down and grind out the rest of this thing and send it through the editorial gauntlet.  

Also on deck, a project that is putting some blood back into my very atrophied academic research muscles. Through mighty consumption of dozens of World War 1 memoirs and textbooks, I'm in the outlining and planning stages of a trilogy going by World War Dragon (working title definitely). The quick pitch for the trilogy is a book focusing each on the air, sea, and land aspects of World War I combat, and the grit and horror of that conflict. Also, all of the grit and horror is somewhat amplified by the sudden appearance and deployment (by one side) of militarized dragons. 

Also, Aerodance is getting new cover art. It looks amazing. I'm very excited to share it.