CHAOS REIGNS!...(ish) A year in review and a bit of ambition for 2018

So as part of Mark Lawrence's Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off, CHAOS TRIMS MY BEARD was selected by Fantasy-Faction to be their finalist. I'm still a bit floored about the whole thing, but to say that I'm honored and excited and vibrating with enthusiastic giggles would all be an understatement. The official review from Laura Hughes is here, and another of their judges, Kitvaria Sarene, has put up her own review on Goodreads. To have people responding to and enjoying Chaos in the way that they are, it's mind blowing. And now the other nine blogs in the contest are supposed to score all the finalists, and it seems like many are going to do full reviews as well, so that's really, really cool.

Now, two things from all that above stuff. One, I fully acknowledge that there are like, a ton of hyperlinks there. But I'll be the first to tell you that I have no idea what I'm doing on social media and the like, and that most of these awesome people that are being crazy cool reviewers for my work and the work of other authors and advocating for their favorites and such, these people are authors themselves. So, I'm making "Be helpful and engaged in the self-publishing community" a big goal for 2018. 

Second thing from up there: If you read either review, you'll see that Chaos's biggest strike against is the state of its edit, and how it needs some proofreading love. I fully cop to that, but both of those reviews were written on the copy of Chaos that was available in May. I've since gone over it again and uploaded a cleaner draft, and there's an even more professionally copy-edited version on the way in the first month or so of 2018. I fully, completely, incredibly appreciate anyone who has read and enjoyed the book in spite of its somewhat marred consistency in cleanliness. But, to reiterate, the ebook up on Amazon right now is better taken care of, and a fully polished ebook and paperback are coming in weeks.

So, better edits, better social media-ing for 2018. But as for books, well, we're going to go a little nutty. I published four books, Chaos and AERODANCE: A NEON SPACE OPERA 1-3, in the first half of 2017. And then... nothing. But I wasn't idle at the keyboard. In a bit (six months) of having my dessert before my broccoli and sprouts, I wrote a number of books, near-final drafts of a few even, and then let them sit, happily bounding off to the next project without doing the work to push them out. So, now I've got a backlog polishing, proofing, and formatting. And I've still got a number of projects bouncing around in my head and in my notebooks.

The tl;dr: I'm publishing a new book every month in 2018. Some of these are working titles, and this ABSOLUTELY does not represent a release order, but here they are:

Ratman Deux: Another Fantasy Noir

Aerodance 4: Call of the Void

Hammer Squad

The Shadow Net

A Tower for Fools

Peperoni Fire: An Improvised Heist

(The rest of these are working titles)

Star Crusades: The Quantum Grail

World War Dragon

Fight in Hell

Aerodance 5

Aerodance 6

Aerodance 7

Maybe I'm being overly ambitious (I definitely am), but I wrote just about seven or eight books this year, and only stumbled because I didn't carry them across the finish line. So, I've just got to repeat that while actually getting the works out. And given that we're about to cross over in January, it's the season for grand plans and proclamations. Anyway, this should be fun. Have a safe New Years, and see you in 2018!