Just because it's CHAOS doesn't mean it can't be clean

Happy Friday. A quick update. CHAOS TRIMS MY BEARD came back from Editor-lympus (Proof-antheon? Proposed-Changes-halla? Please substitute your own terrible and forced editing pun here). A few people have expressed that I communicate when the clean version of Chaos becomes available, so, here it is. The Kindle version is live in its professionally polished state, and I'm engaged with Amazon to get the update made available to people who already have the file. Also, I approved the paperback proof through Createspace this morning so that'll be live and available on whatever mysterious timeline Createspace operates. Probably early next week, though I don't think they print old files while new ones are taking their place. Like I said, a mystery.

Furthermore, AERODANCE 1, 2, and 3 will all be live on Monday with edited-again versions, and the paperbacks following a few days later as I'm submitting everything Sunday night. The fourth Aerodance is January's book of the month so more on that next week as I finish the draft.