Aerodance Episode 3, and everything else

Aerodance Episode 3: Baker is out for Kindle, paperback, and is free to read with KU and Prime. The entirety of Aerodance grew from the trope of pilots and the relationship they have with their aircraft. In real militaries, pilots go up in whatever plane they get assigned to that day, even if their name is painted on some other fuselage. Maintenance requirements, evening out flight hours, and all the rest of that logistical stuff that keeps aircraft and their operators safe and effective makes the notion of giving Major Chet Gunpass his very own 150 million dollar Raptor impractical to the point of impossibility. But I've always been taken with images like Poe Dameron's Black One halloween-painted X-Wing, and the Red Barron's iconic red Albatross and Fokker. Those aircraft are distinctly tied to those pilots, and maybe there were a bunch of stenciled TIE fighters or Camel's and SPADs painted onto their fuselages. I don't know, but I've always romanticized the trope, so Aerodance is, at least in part, about Tyto and "his" Edge. 

And Baker is so exciting and was so fun to write because it was finally time to dive into that relationship, and to start exploring how Tyto and his mysterious, potentially over-powered ship might factor into the brewing conflict at large. I hope you enjoy it.

Beyond all that, I want to blab about the next few months. It's summer, and I have a lot of time to write and a lot of stories I want to get out. Three seems like a good number of Aerodances to bite off at one time, so Episode 4 will be out in a few months. But I've got other fun stuff to write in the mean time. First up is a Blade Runner-Gibson-Dredd-Cyberpunk story called The Shadow Net. It takes place in Los Angeles a few decades in the future and follows Lee Bishop, a former corporate enforcer type, as he grapples with the notion of how all the data we post about ourselves online can almost take on a life and will of its own. After that, I'm eyeing something I'm calling Hammer Squad, which is probably best described as military-fantasy. It follows a few sledge-swinging, keg-toting dwarven warriors when they're assigned to a joint operation as part of a team with some men, elves, ratmen and some others. It takes place in the Chaos Trims My Beard universe, but decades before Edwayn and Venrick have their eventful weekend. After that, and after the long while that I've spent planning and plotting and coming up with more terrible puns through which to construct entire scenes around, I'm diving into Ratman Deux: Another Fantasy Noir.

Also, I'm working on something called Golem, which will be posted in chapters or substories here and other places for free.