Aerodance Episode 2: Through the Gates

The second episode of Aerodance, Through The Gates is now available on Kindle, the Unlimited/Prime lending library, and paperback.

It was a fun book to write, even if I spiraled in on myself in a lot of new and unusual ways in getting it done in a month. The book is longer than Pilots by about 12k words, though it didn't really hit me until I had the paperbacks in hand and compared them. I think I used the extra pages well, though. The (nearly assembled) crew of the Dragosa finds themselves in a bit of a bind with regards to getting off Tauro VI, and with the help of some new faces they set out to pull off something like a reverse starship heist. It's a weird term, but I hope you guys enjoy it.

Next month (or the end of this month, rather): Episode 3: Baker