Chaos and Aerodance Released

So, I wrote some books. Chaos Trims My Beard: A Fantasy Noir, and Aerodance: A Neon Space Opera- Episode 1: Pilots are now both available on Kindle and in paperback.

Chaos has been an active project in some form or another for almost five years. But that is what I get when I decided to make my first novel be a fantasy story, a mystery noir, and a dark comedy all in one. And now it's here and I very much hope you enjoy it. Towards the end of the book, there's a note from me that talks about some short stories/novellas coming out that expand the stories of Chaos (and Aerodance). Chaos's bonus story is well on its way and focuses on the origins of a certain young, air-headed woman and how she came to be in the position that she is by the time Chaos rolls around.

The other book, Aerodance, was born out of me asking myself if the glitzy, laser-saturated tone of 80's and 90's space cartoons and anime could possibly be captured in a novel. Episode 1: Pilots, was written like a TV pilot in that we're jumping all over the galaxy seeing character origins and following different locations, but pretty soon we're going to have a handful of people aboard a ship, being sort of a family while they sort of save the galaxy. I'm going to talk more about the Aerodance series and its release structure and whatnot soon, but for now, Episode 2: Through the Gates is coming out at the end of this month. The bonus story is going to focus on the origin of the series' main location, the Dragosa, and is going to be available here and in the mailing list in the next few weeks.